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Julie is fifty and has three children. They are all young adults, ready to leave home. She has raised them well.  She is married, but lately, she feels like she hardly knows her husband anymore. Her marriage is stale and passionless. Her parents are elderly and she has committed herself to take care of them. She feels full of emotional griefRarely does Julie do anything nice for herself. The voice inside her head keeps repeating that she’s too old now so there is no point in trying. She feels utterly disappointed because every time she looks in the mirror she doesn’t like who is staring back at her. She feels that she has let herself go and she is not happy with whom she has become.

She is stressed and burnt out and yet all she truly wants is to take care of herself, have some adventure and fun but she doesn’t have a clue where to start. She feels guilty even thinking about wanting something for herself. She wants to rekindle her passion in the bedroom. She used to have so much fun but where did it go? What she would love to do is to get into a great self-care routine. She longs to take care of herself in a loving gentle way. After all, she has worked hard all of her life and always ended up putting others before herself. She’s ready to release her deep well of grief and connect once again to her passions and dreams. Surely, this is her time in life to gift herself and enjoy life…. Shouldn’t it be an easy thing to do?

It’s unfair that no one really prepares us for this stage of life and most of us are left confused, overwhelmed and alone. This is the  point where woman like Julie usually seek my help. This is where my heart sings with joy because I know I can help.


With nearly 30 years of professional experience working with women, I have seen and heard criticism, grief and loss in all shapes, sizes and forms. So many women relentlessly and ruthlessly beat themselves up and push their emotional feelings deep inside their bodies. Over time these suppressed emotions come back to haunt them, especially as they age.

Seeing that our society revolves around youth, there is not much out there for ageing women to relate to. The grieving for lost youth can become an obsession to hang on to. Or vice versa, feeling confident and liking who we see in the mirror becomes a completely lost cause. The worst thing is that grief is the most neglected, misunderstood and off-limit topics. So where does that leave us?


We all have these feelings to some degree. I have navigated myself through midlife changes,  grief and loss and today I live with purpose, joy, truth and fun as much as possible.

My personal drive is that I want to be wonderful role-model to my daughter and other young women in the world. I don’t want to hide my uniqueness that comes with age.

My coaching experience has deepened and I now know that as we age, we can move through our grief and loss. We can feel good about who we’ve become and we can find happiness as we move through life.


I feel unapologetically healthy, strong and vibrant and I know that any woman going through midlife and beyond can feel that way, too! With a little help, perhaps.

If the vision contained in these words excites you, then I did my job well. There is so much more to be said about what’s possible for you…if you decide that it’s time to step into who you truly are and start feeling at home in the skin you’re in!

“Having personally trained Diane, I know she is one of the top notch Empowerment Coaches. With the extensive coaching training under her belt, her fun personality and her infinite wisdom, you have nothing to lose and all to win if you find yourself struggling with self-esteem and self-image as a woman in menopause or beyond. There is no need for us women to be anything but loving and kind to ourselves, no matter what stage of life we’re at. Diane Morgan is an exemplar of all these qualities and more. I cannot recommend Diane enough when you’re facing midlife!” Crystal Andrus Morissette, Founder of S.W.A.T. Institute, World’s Premier Coaching Certification
“Diane has a the most generous spirit, playful soul and she is the most dynamic woman that you’ve ever met. She gets things done while having a ball at the same time. Her energy and joy are contagious. You feel better just by spending 5 minutes in her radiant presence. If you’re a woman, there is no one better than Diane to guide your through the deep waters of midlife crisis. No one who you could feel safer and more supported by when you go through menopause and beyond.” Izabela Viskupova, L.L.M., M.A., Professor Of Coaching at the S.W.A.T. Institute, World’s Premier Coaching Certification