Recently I was pondering about excuses.

 I noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of them flying around lately.


Is it a distraction that stops you from achieving a task? Stops you from taking responsibility or does it stem deeper?

Can it go as deep as shame? The longer you put things off, the more ashamed you might feel, and the more ashamed you feel, the more you put it off.

How about fear? That can keep you in your comfort zone and can stop you from challenging yourself and seeing new opportunities. Nudge you into avoiding new experiences or give up on your dreams, because fear separates you from your true essence, the beautiful vibrant you.

Excuses can come from old habits and patterns. They are sometimes hard to break because they are what we are familiar with saying to ourselves or others. We all have excuses and unfortunately, some can lead to stagnation and regrets. It is possible to change the way we think and become more aware of how we talk to ourselves. When we make excuses, we are preventing ourselves from living fully.


Ask yourself how many times you:

• Have started to diet and stopped?

• Started to exercise and stopped?

• Spent way too much time and money on products that you don’t know what to do with?

• Looked in the mirror and put yourself down because you don’t like who you see anymore?

• Reached for the wine bottle because you need to numb the day?

• Spent endless nights awake worrying?


How many times have you said to yourself:

• “I wished I’d done that”.

• “Why did I put it off”?

• “I have left it too long and now I feel I’m too old”.

• “I’ve missed my chance”.

• “If only”.


Make your own list of your excuses and see if any sound familiar, some of these used to be mine.

When I lose some weight, then I’ll be ready to join the gym.

Right now, I’m too stressed, overwhelmed, and over committed.

I feel too guilty to spend money on myself.

Oh! I’ll start next week.

I just cannot get myself motivated anymore.

I know what I have to do to help myself, but I just can’t find the time to do it.

I’m not in the mood


Letting go of the past can be difficult, so can let go of bad habits, unhealthy relationships, and negative self-talk. Sometimes your struggles can weigh heavily on your shoulders and prevent you from living in the moment and being whom you want to be. You can become so attached to your struggles that you don’t know how you’d be without them.

You see, our brain does an amazing job when it’s looking for reasons not to do something, especially if we are afraid to do it and we have to get out of our comfort zone. And yet deep inside of us we know that these excuses aren’t true. They are our negative thoughts, limitations, fears, and worries and these excuses provide us with many reasons that help us explain why we just aren’t good enough.

We can get in our own way and make excuses for everything, for not handling a problem, for not having enough, I’m not good enough, it’s too difficult. I think you get the jest as this list could go on forever and excuses will often keep you stuck as they are self-sabotaging forces that stop you from moving forward.


But what if?

Instead of making excuses you make a commitment to yourself to grow and take action to move toward your goals. What if, you begin to become more aware of these excuses and recognize them before they take over your mind, (and they do creep in now and then.) Awareness is the first step and the key toward developing new habitual thinking patterns. Over time you will get better at taking action and move closer to your goals.


So, what does your list look like?

Are you standing in your own way?


If your list is keeping you stuck and you would like to make a change, then let’s have a chat as I’d love to help.


            “IT ALWAY’S SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT’S DONE.” ~ Nelson Mandela.



Diane Morgan works with women who are overwhelmed and torn by the aging process and have a hard time finding themselves and their place in life during and beyond midlife. She is the creator of a powerful transformational program Awaken Your Beauty Inside Out: Fall In Love With The Skin You’re In. This phenomenal program capitalizes on her 20 plus years of experience in the beauty industry and her expertise as a certified Master Empowerment Coach for women.