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“What Is Your Love Your Skin Score?”
Let’s put an end to this

I know you’ve tried and I know you feel like it’s to no avail. Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by an event or change of a familiar pattern. Yet, even though grief is the most normal and natural of our emotions, we don’t know what to do with it. We bottle it up and struggle with our feelings… for years!

Our culture is constantly bombarding us with the message that beauty equals young, soft, flawless skin. Between TV commercials and magazines, the unspoken rule creeps into our unconscious: if you’re over 40, then it’s time to hide or cover yourself. With a multi-million dollar beauty industry out there, we are sure to spend and waste lots of money on products that we don’t know what to do with. We begin to feel invisible, unattractive and undesirable.

There’s a false myth around grief and loss. How have you been taught how to deal with loss in the past? It is natural to feel sad when a sad event happens, but we have false ideas of how we should handle our grief. It is the mind’s job to believe that whatever is stored in it is ALWAYS right. So, we struggle, have low self-esteem, lose our self-confidence or feel lost, confused and alone.

Can I tell you a secret?

Ladies, it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s time to take action and mend old deep seated wounds and the limiting beliefs implanted by the society. It’ s time to toss what no longer works for us.

Let’s set the arena for what’s coming up next, because that’s where the real prize is.

isn’t it time?

have support to move beyond your pain and grief and live your life until its last drop.

PUT together a Move With Joy Plan and a Daily Self-Care Routine so you know how to take care of your body in a way you’ ll enjoy and sustain.

Get your mojo back and make room for more love and fun in your life.

Identify the purpose, direction and aspirations of the life you’re meant to live.

OWN your uniqueness, your feelings and emotions and inspire other women with your self-confidence and self-esteem.

To lay foundations for honoring and adoring the woman you’ve become and to navigate through midlife and beyond, I designed two powerful coaching  programs:



The reason we feel bad about our loss and grief is that we tend to fall back on whatever information we’ve learned in the past to try to deal with our conflicting feelings caused by the loss event. Please know that there’s nothing wrong with you, we are just misinformed.

Looking good and loving the skin we are in takes a special combination of knowing how to take care of ourselves on a practical level and falling in love with whom we have become.

We need to make peace  with ourselves.

And that’s exactly what my programs are designed to do for you!

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Your well-being  and sense of fulfilment depend on the choices that you make today! Everybody looks for support and help from others at some point in life. And now you don’t have to feel alone either. You can have a support system in place and feel excited about the future, knowing what you want, and going for it!

program # 1: AWAKEN YOUR BEAUTY INSIDE OUT offers a long-term transformation. Who you become as a result of going through this program will stay with you. It is designed to motivate, inspire, and help you to become the best version of yourself. Because it is an investment of time money and effort these programs have to be a good fit. I want you to sign up because you know this is right for you given where you are at!

PROGRAM # 2: MOVING BEYOND GRIEF has been practised for over thirty years and offers amazing healing results. It helps you to focus on recovery from any emotional pain and heartache caused by death, divorce or many other reasons that cause us to grieve. It helps you get your life back, but once again, I want to make sure it’s a perfect fit for you before we get you on board!

This is why I offer a free-of-charge TEA and chat with Diane. To honor your time, here is what you’ll walk away with from this 30-minute session as together we’ll:


Clearly identify the # 1 reason that’s holding you back from feeling comfortable in your own skin at this stage of your life.


Access a powerful strategy that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action towards loving who you are in the now.


Discover your personalized ideal next step that you can take right away. Feel ready to start healing your heart and feeling better in your skin.

To get the benefits of the FREE- OF-CHARGE  TEA and chat with diane AND to discover my program is an optimal fit for where you’re at and what you need, secure your spot clicking the button below.


Before working with Diane, I felt lost and overwhelmed with what was my next course of action for myself at this stage of my life.

I used to feel like I would never find someone whom I could connect with at the level I wanted. I was stuck in the same relationship pattern, attracting the same type of man. I couldn’t move out of my way, playing the same old song in my mind. I stepped into my power, increase my confidence and self-esteem. I was able to go out and date again. Shortly after I started to work with Diane, I met someone and I’m seeing him up to this day. Diane was able to pinpoint what I needed to focus on in the moment. This allowed me to stay present and feel validated for where I am. She guided me to a deeper understanding of myself so that I could release old patterns that no longer served me.


Diane made me realize that the reason I feel bad about myself has nothing to do with my age or the products I use for my skin.

I was not being kind to my face or myself and I was going around in circles. I would obsess and end up spending lots of money on the wrong skin care products. I was my worst enemy. I didn’t know what to do and where to turn at this stage of my life. My confidence was diminishing with age and I so wanted to find a mentor who could role-model for me how to be fabulous and happy in my own skin. That’s what I found in Diane! I now feel knowledgeable in how to take care of myself – emotionally and on the outside. I have so much more self-confidence. What a transformation both inside and out!


I found myself lacking drive and inspiration in my life and finally reached a point where I knew I needed some help. 

I sought out a coach and came across Diane and knew that this program was exactly what I needed. From the moment we started to work together, I felt a connection and knew that she really cared about me and what I was going through. Diane helped me find the motivation and inspiration I was looking for. I felt re-energized and rejuvenated. Out of a sudden, I felt the confidence to move forward with the things that matter to me in life. I am accomplishing so much. I have even started up a new business and with my new found confidence, I am feeling happier than ever as a woman. I feel blessed to have found Diane and I know it was meant to be!  Thank you for making it fun.